5 Tips to Look Best in Salwar Kameez


The importance of a salwar kameez cannot be overstated. Indeed, it can make or break the appearance of your figure. A salwar kameez is one of the best choices for every occasion. It enhances the beauty of a woman who wears it.

Are you looking for a salwar kameez that would fit your figure? But you are also seeking one that would match the occasion on which you are attending and thus make you shine. But confused about how to choose a salwar kameez online?

Don't worry, in this article, we have highlighted some tips to help you achieve that goal.

Focus on the time and event

The time the party will be hosted is a significant factor since it will influence the colour you pick for it. For example, if it's a daytime function, you should use pastel hues as they might make you appear joyful and energetic. Sky blue, white, light yellow, and sea green salwar kameez are examples of standard pastel hues. If the event occurs at night, you should concentrate on wearing dark hues like crimson, maroon, navy blue, golden, silver, and brown, in addition to black.

Accessories as per the occasion

Salwar kameez looks lovely with fashion accessories or embellishments. You can capture the other attendees' complete attention by wearing an embroidered party wear salwar kameez. However, the type of party you will be attending will determine how much jewellery you should wear.

Wear a casual salwar kameez with plenty of embellishments if it's a family gathering, wedding, or informal party at a friend's house. Gota, silver/gold cords, sequins, pearls, and glittering threads are used by fashion designers to produce stunning embroidery on outfits. The number of ornamentation is a little less for formal events. They are created in either horizontal or vertical designs, which give the ensemble a cleaner and professional feel.

Know what your body type is

Salwar kameez is an essential outfit for women of all ages and body types. This traditional outfit is available in different styles which make it simple to choose depending on your requirement.  Finding the right Salwar Kameez online can be a tricky process. It's important to find the right salwar kameez for your body type.

Women with hourglass body shapes can wear any style of salwar suit, according to fashion experts. You should let the fabric closely drape your body because your physique is attractive.

A pear-shaped body is one in which the hips or tummy are heavier than the shoulder. Select an A-line or any other style that is not tight around the buttocks.

If your waist appears slimmer in contrast to your shoulders but your shoulders are heavier, you have an apple-shaped figure. Salwar Kameez that adds fullness to the waist, like Anarkali suits, would look nice.

Choose patterns and designs based on your body type

The variety of prints available for salwar kameez is practically infinite. You could choose a kameez that is totally printed. The salwar typically comes in a neutral colour with such a kameez. The appearance gives off a great sense of height. In other words, if you are short in stature, this combination can help you appear taller.

Taller women should go with printed salwar suits if they don't want to appear as tall as they are. Prints and motifs can be dispersed over the entire kameez or engrossed in just a few places, such as the midsection, sleeves, necklines, and borders.

However, rich designs and motifs might provide the appearance of height and curviness. You can appear taller and slimmer by wearing vertical prints. You would appear taller and slimmer if the prints and embellishments were smaller. For the purpose of giving the appearance of thickness, slim women should choose larger designs or motifs that are positioned horizontally over the kameez.

Choose fabric carefully

According to the season, you should choose a comfortable fabric. If the event is going to be held outdoors in the summer, this condition is much more crucial. Breathability is abundant in materials like cotton salwar suits and net dresses. You should not rely heavily on the fabric for comfort if the celebration is being held in someone's home or a banquet facility. You could include polyester, organza, chiffon, satin, silk, and velvet fabric also.

If you are slim, avoid tight fabrics for the best results. Choose fabrics like organza and velvet that add dimension to the body. As an alternative, you should use materials like satin, silk, and polyester if you seem to be on the heavier side. They gracefully highlight the body's curves as they cling to it firmly.

Final words

A dupatta, in the opinion of many fashion designers, is essential for a finished appearance. It might be slung around your shoulder or just tied around your neck. Wear fine footwear like the classic jutti or stylish sandals, and get frequent pedicures and manicures to make your feet seem nice and attractive. Wear the appropriate accessories to improve your overall appearance. A magnificent outfit requires coordinating jewellery. Pick a hairstyle that goes well with your appearance and personality.

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